Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 32: Posh Bagel (Niniane)

There was so much bellyaching amongst Sunfire members about going to Posh Bagel, because it is at the bottom of our building and people are tired of eating there. But there is no flexibility to the rules of the Lunch Tour!

Posh Bagel has many types of bagels, but I always get the Whole Wheat.

Here is my sandwich: turkey on whole wheat bagel. I've had it many times before. It's good.

LG was the only visitor who was accommodating enough to eat with us at Posh Bagel.

We talked about how Jack Dorsey is splitting his time between Square (where Yishan is consulting) and Twitter (where LG works).

Later in the afternoon, Chris Robinson made homemade vanilla ice cream for us. It was so good! He told us how he gained 10 pounds in 10 days after buying this ice cream maker. He said the most fattening was creme brulee ice cream. Chris: "When you're spooning the ice cream to your mouth, before it's reached your mouth, you've already gained weight."