Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 2: Vaso Azzurro (Niniane)

Today we ate at an italian restaurant. I noticed that the first three restaurants on the tour are all quite good! The average Castro St restaurant quality must be pretty high.

Candor shot, taken by the waiter while we were not ready.

Our guest today is Garrin, an ex-paypal'er. He is so funny! He also made a lot of effort to remember everyone's names, which is nice.

On the menu was a pasta dish with EVVO. Elaine said it sounds like a robot. I said it sounds specifically like the robot from Wall-E. Yishan corrected us that it stands for "Extra-Virgin Olive Oil".

Taher pointed out that "Brute Force lunch tour" is not the most accurate description. He said it's more like "Round Robin lunch tour". Brute Force sounds like we have to order everything on the menu, and then finish it.

Veal scallopini, which was very tender.

The owner was exuberant. We overheard him telling one of the waiters, "I need olive oil, and bread. Thank you! I love you, brother." He also started singing impromptu, and one of the cooks sang a duet with him for a line. We were inspired. We're going to introduce all new members to Sunfire by singing and saying how much we love each other.

Elaine with her lemonade, which she said was very syrupy.

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