Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 2: Vaso Azzurro (Yishan)

The proprietor sang or serenaded us the entire time, proclaiming the lemonade (which Elaine ordered) to be "Tuscan lemonade, the best lemonade in the whole world!"

I ordered the Scallopini di Vitello (veal), which was pretty good. It came with green olives, and I don't like olives, but they did not detract from the meal.

The proprietor's singing and presentation of the meals and day's specials was so good that I was tempted to order dessert when he offered it, but at the last moment I caught Niniane shaking her head out of the corner of my eye and remembered that I too didn't actually want dessert, and my resolve was fortified.


  1. To clarify, I was shaking my head to indicate that I myself do not want dessert. I was not making a comment regarding Yishan's ingesting of dessert.

  2. Thanks for helping provide the social support for staying on my diet.