Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 30: Cascal (Yishan)

Just to fill in some details about Cascal:

Both the tapa sampler and the asado were quite good. We weren't able to finish the asado, but taking the leftovers home afterwards meant that I had meat to eat later.

I did not consider my "speech" to be particularly passionate or motivational, but I am really glad that Niniane found it so, because she started exercising again. I'm not even sure what I said, so if she falls off the bandwagon again, I will not be able to reproduce this result. Readers, please help encourage Niniane to stay on the exercise bandwagon. She even has a "self-improvement using social pressure" site called Trackville that she programmed that helps you do this, so you should join it and encourage her every day!

Niniane got a new camera (or rather, cell phone) so now her pictures of the food look much better!

To answer the commenter: the restaurant was indeed rather expensive, and I would not consider the quality to be commensurate with the price. It was good food, but it was really expensive (on the other hand, we did order two asados). However, they also have a half-price happy hour and are right next to Cantankerous Fish, so those who attend the Sunfire mixer could elect to come to Cascal instead, as the decor and styling is much better.

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