Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 30: Cascal (Niniane)

We went to Cascal and ordered a bunch of meat. Yishan has been weightlifting, so he needs to fill up on protein. We ordered a tapa sampler, and then an order of asado (lamb, chicken, steak). I was amused at the large quantity of meat.

The waiter brought the sampler, and then... TWO orders of asado. I started to voice my objections, but Yishan informed me that he in fact did order two asados.

It was a cornucopia of meat.

We sat outside, and the weather was good. Surprisingly, despite being in downtown Mountain View, we did not run into anyone we knew.

During this meal, I revealed that I have fallen off the exercise bandwagon. Yishan informed me that he already heard about this, from the personal trainer that we both go to. Then he gave a passionate motivational speech. As a result, I started exercising again.

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  1. Was the food any good ? Was it worth the price, since Cascal is one of the more expensive places on Castro ?