Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 31: Cantankerous Fish (Yishan)

I think having a company holiday in honor of your own company is brilliant (e.g. Minted Day) and I was happy to see The Return of Niniane. Sorry I had to go to a bunch of meetings in the afternoon, Niniane.

A lot of people ordered fish and chips. It was decidedly mediocre, but this restaurant is mediocre. I seriously don't know how it's stayed in business; I think it's because the expensive lawyers upstairs at Fenwick come downstairs and spend a lot of money at the bar or something, or take clients to lunch there because it's close by. There are plenty of better places within a couple blocks. You really don't expect a placed called Cantankerous Fish to have mediocre fish and chips, but there you go.

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