Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 31: Cantankerous Fish (Niniane)

Today is Minted Day at Minted, the startup where I work, so everyone has the day off. I came down to Sunfire for the day. Yishan wrote me numerous IMs about how overjoyed he felt about the tap-tap sound of my typing at the desk behind him. Then he promptly left for the entire afternoon after lunch. :/

We ate at Cantankerous Fish. They have a weekday happy hour, so we often go for drinks and small plates after our mixers. Jahanzeb revealed that despite hearing the pronouncement of Happy Hour at every mixer, he thought it was just a joke and didn't realize that people actually came down to eat and drink.

I had the fish tacos, which were very good!

Jahanzeb told us that tonight he is flying to Seattle for tryouts of X Factor, which is NOT Fear Factor but rather a version of American Idol. Jahanzeb is an amazing singer who has treated us to concerts, so we are all rooting for him. We thought about how we could trick users into inadvertently sending sms'es that vote for him.

I said how I just started watching "The Wire", and Doug revealed how it's listed as one of the items on "Stuff White People Like".

It was the first day for iTeleport's new designer, who came from Tucson, Arizona. Her name is Monica. Everyone working at iTeleport ordered fish and chips during lunch.

Linda Avey and I talked a bit about attending Piaw's wedding yesterday. Piaw showed a powerpoint presentation of "Top 5 Reasons to Marry Me". The fifth reason was "Never do your own taxes again." This is very self-aware (since Piaw loves personal finance and taxation), and also timely since taxes are due today.

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