Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 10: Amarin (Niniane)

Today's guests were David Gausebeck and Sugu, who are Yishan's colleagues from Paypal. David talked about flash rendering and art pipelines. Sugu talked about functional programming languages.

I don't know whether Yishan has invited a representative sample of Paypal people to Sunfire, but I've really liked all the ones he's brought. Also Skye Lee said she used to go into work at Paypal every day and announce, "Skye in the house! Two tunes!" and then play two hip hop songs, DJ-style. So now I have a very positive impression of the Paypal work environment.

I ate the spicy sweet basil with chicken. It was pretty good. I appreciate that Amarin has brown rice.

The first time I ate at Amarin, years ago, I was bowled over by how good it tasted. Subsequent times have been diminishing returns. It's still an above average Thai restaurant, but I rarely go there of my own accord.

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