Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 7: La Bamba (Niniane)

Today's visitor is Sutha.

Adam Stepinski told us that his car is unused right now, and Sutha said he also has a second car which is not used. Then, the four of us talked about whether you could apply the AirBnB model to unused cars.

I had chicken fajitas, which were very good. I was only able to eat a fraction of it, so I feel like I got a good deal for my money.

Adam would like to state for the record that his burrito was good.

Sutha ordered carne asada and declined the rice, beans, and fajitas, so I asked if he was trying to avoid carbs. He confirmed that he is, and also said that he's living according to paleo-evolutionary nutrition, where he approximates how pre-historic man would eat. Sometimes he fasts for 24 hours suddenly, and other times he eats three normal meals.

I am now very confused by all the conflicting nutrition advice in the world.


  1. The fabled caveman diet! I'm highly suspicious of this thing, except as a good way to get intestinal parasites.

  2. @Jon ... Intestinal parasites? I'm confused. We're eating "normal" safe food (lots of grass fed meats, organic fruit and veg, etc.), and not eschewing refrigeration, or hunting/butchering the stuff ourselves.

    Actually, I'd argue that the focus on quality of food and the unprocessed nature of it would mean that your average paleo eater probably has a much lower chance of any digestive / intestinal badness than someone eating the standard western diet.