Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 9: Pasta? (Yishan)

This restaurant really isn't that bad.

If you, like me, came to this restaurant numerous times many years ago in your early days in Valley and then got sick of it and stopped, it turns out that it's not that bad. Maybe they've improved, maybe I've just become un-sick of it. You could probably stand to come back and eat a few meals here. In any case, an affordable alternative to Vaso Azzuro on the same street.

A funny story from those years past: once, when my wife was out of town in L.A. - this was back in the days when she was at grad school - I went out to dinner with male friend of mine at this restaurant. My now-wife and I weren't married yet, so I didn't have a ring or any other distinguishing "taken" features. When we were to be seated, the maitre'd, apparently surmising that we were two single dudes out on the prowl, decided to play matchmaker and sat us at a table very close to two (apparently) single ladies. Very close - it was one of those situations where they usually take two 2-person tables and push them together to make a 4-person table, but they had split the two by about literally six inches to make it two 2-person tables. We were right next to them - uncomfortably close. It was not due to the restaurant being full either, as there were plenty of other open 2-person tables.

It ended up being entirely stupid and awkward, because both parties were not actually out on the prowl (my friend was single, but he wasn't looking for women that night), and I think we all sort of seethed at the maitre'd for his presumptuousness and ruining our respective dudes-night-out and ladies-night-out dinners.

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