Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 5: The Kitchen Table (Niniane)

The Kitchen Table is a kosher restaurant. Their hamburgers come with all sorts of toppings, but no cheese. I wondered aloud what would happen if I snuck in a piece of cheese (inside my purse), but it turns out the restaurant thought of that and wrote a warning on their menu. Customers are forbidden to bring outside food or silverware, lest the restaurant lose their kosher certification!

The food tasted really good, but service was slow. They gave Yishan soy mayonnaise. The decor is elegant, with chandeliers and a wall of embossed metallic panels.

Today's visitors were the Noteleaf founders, and Dileep (founder of a computer-vision startup). It turns out that the Noteleaf founders are roommates with our visitor Jared from lunch yesterday, but they independently emailed us about Sunfire.

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