Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 12: Zucca

None of us had been to this restaurant before, though because it had been long-standing and fancy, I was reasonably sure it was a quality restaurant. I also think I heard that it was run by the same guy who owns Don Giovannis, further down up the street (it'll be a long time until we get to that one...).

The interesting thing today about lunch is that four people (out of the six today) opted in to the "order for someone else" arrangement which, after its backstory had been explained via a lengthy anecdote which I am too weary to repeat here, involved everyone in the opt-in circle having their lunch being ordered by someone else at the table. At first this idea seems foreign (even risky), but after you think about it, it's not that bad, and is a pretty good way to add some adventurism and unpredictability to your eating. The typical fear that someone might order something bad for you (or rather, the fear that you might order something the other person doesn't like) is greatly ameliorated by the fact that once you know only a few facts about the person's dietary restrictions (if any) and general preferences, you can usually narrow down the choices to a few likely options. From there, you don't actually have to get it exactly right - so long as you hit something close, the person will enjoy their meal, and the novelty besides.

Chiu-Ki Chan ordered the day's special for me, which was snapper. It was good. I ordered the grilled salmon for Niniane, who at least pretended to like it, despite trading away some of it to Elaine for some angel hair pasta.

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