Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 20.5: Pho Hoa (Niniane)

I came down from San Francisco via public transportation. Taking the
BART to Millbrae and transferring to Caltrain ended up taking almost
three hours. I never want to do it again. I ended up arriving after
everyone else finished eating the Indian food. Yishan was gracious
enough to sit with me at Pho Hoa while I ate.

There is a "just big enough" meal at Pho Hoa, which is $5 and gives
you a reasonably sized bowl, as opposed to the typical ridiculously
large portion at typical pho restaurants.

The sunlight streamed in through a skylight and shone on Yishan as we
spoke. We sat for a long while talking about startups, and the sun
moved during this period to shine directly on me instead. It's quite
surreal to have the sun on you, almost like a spotlight.

The tea was very strong.

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