Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 22: Nami nami (Niniane)

Nami nami's tofu appetizer was surprisingly good (I don't normally like tofu).  The black cod was also very expertly cooked.  I would return here.

We talked about how Chris's fashion-related startup is going, and ways that we envision ourselves using his product.  I would definitely use his product for online clothes shopping.

We also discussed a controversial practice described by one of our previous speakers, the founder of a startup.  He likes to reward his employees immediately when they do a good job.  One of the methods he's chosen to do this is by sprinkling a few hundred dollars' worth of one-dollar bills over the employee's head.  

Several of us at lunch said that we would find this perturbing.  Rob (name changed) said, "Having a handful of dollar bills thrown at you for your performance.  When else does that happen?"

Yishan said he wouldn't consider it an objectionable practice, but after hearing us talk about it, he is viewing it more negatively.

We analyzed the components of what makes it tasteful.  What if the money were direct-deposited?  That would be fine.  Is it because the amount is relatively small?  What if your manager phoned you to say, "Due to your excellent performance, we are giving a spot bonus that will be direct deposited, in the amount of $2"?  (Plus one of those two dollars would be held back for tax.)  That's fine, said everyone, they would pocket it and go buy coffee.

Rob said, "Normally, money is part of the employer-employee relationship.  Giving a bonus strengthens the bond.  But making a spectacle is different.  It's like the difference between sending your wife roses for your anniversary, versus paying her $500 to have sex with you."

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