Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 17: Totoro Korean House (Niniane)

Today's lunch visitors were very funny. They told us about a site, for matrimonial matchmaking between South Asians. Apparently it's very fobby. They were quick to reiterate that none of them had ever used it, but they all knew about it.

One of them said, "You make fun of the site until one day, you realize it's gotten to the point where you need to use it. Then you are depressed for a day, and sit in your apartment feeling bad."

None of us had ever eaten at today's restaurant before. so we were all a bit wary.  My bulgoki was quite good.  I would definitely go back.  It was only $12 for lunch including tax and tip.

The waitress barked orders at us -- to move to a different table, to take our entrees from her when she brought them over.  It was strangely endearing, like having your mother boss you around in a harried tone of voice.  Yishan ordered fried chicken, which took twice as long as other entrees.  It turned out to be many pieces of chicken that were not battered and had clearly been cooked in a vat of oil.  I feel like this restaurant is "keepin' it real".

J told us about his surreal life last year, when he was doing his PhD thesis on software to help developing countries, but he'd also developed one of the best-selling iPhone apps.  By day, he was helping illiterate Pakistani villagers use a voice interface to interact with computers.  By night, he huddled in a tent, doing customer support for wealthy Americans.

On another note, we debated about which product would be more offensive to men: a product where the man's friends vote on what they think his salary should be, or one where his friends vote on which of ten women (of varying levels of attractiveness) he would be able to land.  I thought it would be the salary-voter, but the guys at lunch all agreed that the babe-voter would hit home harder.

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