Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 20: Godavari (Yishan)

Godavari is formerly known as Sue's Indian Cuisine. The interior is different - more sparse and modern. It's an Indian buffet, and I have trouble telling if it's any different than Sue's because I only went to Sue's once, many years ago. In any case, I'm a very unsophisticated Indian food eater, in that I just get whatever thing seems to be most effective marsala/butter-based chicken sauce as a naan delivery mechanism. The food at Godavari performs adequately at this task.

Today's visitors were Yumi Hosaka Clark, a colleague from PayPal days who now works at Intuit, and Jessica Mah from InDinero, a Web 2.0 version of Quickbooks (intriguing). I later tried signing up but wasn't able to get my Chase account integrated. I will try again later, I guess. Jawed Karim and Chris Robinson from the office also attended, with Chris coming up with numerous terrible analogies relating Y-Combinator to in-vitro fertilization. Niniane took the Caltrain down from San Francisco, which arrived much later than expected and resulted in her showing up as we finished eating, so she went to eat separately at the next restaurant (Pho) herself, knocking it off the list and taking one for the team like I did with the other Pho restaurant.

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