Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 16: Pho To Chau (Yishan)

Today was Pho To Chau. In case you don't know, this is like the cheapest place on the entire street and the food is correspondingly shabby. I haven't been here for years, ever since my wife and I first moved out to California.

Yesterday Jack Dorsey came to visit, and since Niniane was away meeting someone else, I decided to skip Brute Force Lunch Tour. It was only Jack's second time visiting downtown Mountain View, and it seemed uncouth to subject a guest to what I knew was going to be a terrible restaurant. We went to Shabuway instead. Now that I've eaten at Pho To Chau, I'm glad we did.

Today Niniane was up in San Francisco, and no one was in earshot at the office (Andrea and Alex came in after lunch, and Ed Lu met someone else for coffee), so I figured I should take one for the team and go to Pho To Chau alone and just take care of this one for the tour, so that at least only one person would have to suffer.

It was worse than I remembered. I even picked the soup that had the most "legitimate" meats (top round sirloin and flank steak), rather than the crazy stuff like intestines and tripe, but the whole thing was still kinda gross. I ate maybe half of my meal, paid for it (no credit cards accepted for under $10), and quickly got out of there. On the way back I got a yogurt cup at Posh Bagel to try and wash out the taste.

Having just finished the yogurt cup as I write this, I have to say that I highly recommend the delicious yogurt cups at Posh Bagel.

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  1. Is this a Vietnamese restaurant? Chau is also my last name, I used to get calls from Vietnamese telemarketers, but I am not Vietnamese.